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You meet someone, there's chemistry, and then come the introductory questions: What's your name? A new smartphone app is on hand to help Icelanders avoid accidental incest. In Iceland, a country with a population of 320,000 where most everyone is distantly related, inadvertently kissing cousins is a real risk.

You can also look it up under "marriage" or "domestic relationships" in the legal statutes for your state (paper copies are found in a state government office).If a fault line runs through a layer of rock, you know that the rock was there before the fault.If a magma intrusion goes through that layer and is unbroken by the fault, then you know that the magma intrusion came after the fault which came after the rock, and so forth.After my three-parter on fossils, I was sure you'd be sick of them, but there was a request (seconded by a few people) to talk about one particular aspect of paleontology that I didn’t cover yet: How do you know how old a fossil is? Misconception: Paleontologists directly date fossils. Correction: Most of the time, fossils are not mean we don’t have any idea how old it is. It’s just that we can’t run some kind of neat test (involving colored water, maybe? Instead, we have to rely on two methods of dating: relative dating and radiometric dating.Relative dating—as the name suggests—is a method of determining the relative ages of rock layers and the fossils contained therein.

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Both the principle of original horizontality and the law of superposition seem very intuitive and obvious, but they weren’t proposed until the 1600s, both by Danish anatomist, geologist, and priest Nicolaus Steno (1636–1686).

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  1. There are several tourist attractions within the Lake, including the Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden. Keppel Hill Reservoir This abandoned and forgotten reservoir dating back to 1905 is nestled in the Mount Faber forest, and not marked out in maps today, Keppel Hill Reservoir served as a source of water for the Tanjong Pagar Dock Company, which was the forerunner of today’s Port of Singapore Authority.