Validating sql stored procedures

The procedure declares a condition handle for SQLSTATE 2200M, which is raised when an XML document is not well-formed or not valid in an attempted schema validation.If that state should occur during the execution of the stored procedure, then the corresponding exit handler gets executed.I eventually realized how useful return values from stored procedures could be, since I could use them to return a value based on a potential error condition that I check for in the stored procedure.

This article will help you understand how to use Cold Fusion as a presentation layer for a set of existing stored procedures.Being that I do not have any executions that will run for more than a few hours I think I can get away with the "Generic Recordset" if I had to.However, the SQL Server Create Stored Result you referenced does not seem to work either.In this example, the exit handler simply sets “isvalid” to zero.After these declarations, the first operation in the stored procedure is the document validation with the XMLVALIDATE function.

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