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- Forced or coerced sexual acts, sexual acts used to cause pain or humiliation to the victim, exposing a victim to a sexually transmitted disease, prostituting a victim, posting nude photos of the victim or victims' children on any media, withholding intimacy as a punishment, extra-marital affairs, a physical attack on the victims's sexual parts of the body, treating the victim like a sex object.

- The aggressor will keep the victim financially dependent which makes it difficult for the victim to leave.

There's no way this lady is for real, but this is a fun and bizarre read. Somehow, the author doesn't jump the shark until the end, when she says that guys from Jeffries have the biggest packages. The Merrill set, in particular, have been known to stray.

Relationships can be very intense, yet of relatively short duration. Barclays Capital These guys are pretty smart, and are usually quite happy to splash their cash, bearing in mind uncle Bob Diamond is always happy to dish out big bonuses each year-end. Deutsche Bank man has the look (and feel) of James Bond about him - except the guys from Essex.

Citi Those Citi boys are really quite a decent lot. The only downside, however, is that they can be boringly conventional. If it's a secure home and quiet family life you want, go fishing in the Credit Suisse pool. Goldman Sachs Those canny Goldman types always hedge their risks, so they probably have stashes of cash secreted away, and you'll never find out how much they are truly worth (and neither will your lawyer! Jefferies & Co Generally tall and imposing, they are casual yet sophisticated.

Commerzbank If going out with a 'jack-the-lad' type appeals to you, then you should probably go hunting at Commerzbank. Many have huge packages (they do well at bonus time too).

Girls put their names down early for these White Shoe boys.

Societe Generale A glint in the eye, a warm French smile. But your Soc Gen dream man will probably turn out to be happily married too. Keep away from the ones who might be into leather and latex though (unless that's really your thing).

The app has become one of the world's largest online dating platforms, with an estimated 50 million users.Spending may be heavily monitored and allowances given, making the victim beg for necessities.May force the victim to hand over their paycheck, or force the victim to be the sole provider but deny them access to their own money.The boy's father relayed as much to investigators in an interview, according to transcripts and audio recordings in the investigative file.We're not identifying the therapist, because he was never investigated or charged with failure to report.

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They might lead to quick hookups, sleazy come-ons, or nothing at all.

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