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Yes, it's that time of year when the livin' is easy, but as you know, picking up a guy ain't always a breeze.

There is nothing as hair-pullingly frustrating as being surrounded by a slew of delectable men and not being armed with a great strategy to break the ice and win a stud's attention — not to mention his heart.

confidence, charisma, humor, making her feel girly and feminine in comparison to your masculine vibe and conversation style), you can then begin to start sexual conversations.

It’s important that you make her feel sexually attracted to you first though, because if a woman isn’t sexually attracted to you and you then start talking about sex or bringing up sex in anyway, she’s almost always going to shut you down.

Greeting is important, as it sets the tone for the whole conversation.

Quite often the service agents fall into one of the two extremes: either their greeting is too short and informal, or too long and formal, both of which betray the lack of respect and concern for the customer.

;) You: Well I have chocolate chip and some brownies and sugar. ' Stranger: Hamm let me try a sample omits brownies please, I must say ms quite a cute skirt your was ring 3 You: cm "blushes" Thank you sir! in m/ bedroom it You: But wah sir, you have to pay for you cookies first! You have to start off properly by making her feel attracted to you first, before you try to change the conversation from being friendly to sexual.An example of a sex conversation starter once you’ve attracted a woman (which can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes), is to say, Saying that to a woman steers the conversation to a more honest and authentic exchange between you and her, where there is no need for mind games anymore.Customer service training is the most important part in achieving these goals.Professional line of communication is not that obvious to expect your service agents to get at it intuitively.

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