R java not updating id

I am trying to connect to a teradata database using RStudio Server.

On the server R 3.0.1 is installed on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise.

The Java 2 Platform Standard Edition Development Kit 5.0 (JDK 5.0) is a feature release of the Java platform.

It contains new features and enhancements in many functional areas.

A common scenario in not seeing the UI update is along these lines: ((Text View) find View By Id(text View1))Text("Starting Processing"); boolean processing = true; int number_processed=0; do while(processing); ((Text View) find View By Id(text View1))Text( "Finished"); If the UI is prevented from updating for more than about five seconds then what is known as an ANR (Application Not Responding) error occurs.

Other language environments may allow different outcomes from such events; for example, instead of returning an infinity, dividing by zero could generate an exception and stop the program.

If a program with different floating-point semantics is called from a Java program, the called program may alter the FPU control word to implement its own semantics.

To fix this installation problem, take the following steps after the installation (unless you intend to turn off the setting): A processor's floating-point unit (FPU) usually has a control word which affects its behavior on certain floating-point events, such as overflow (generating a result too large to represent as a finite value), underflow (generating an especially small result), and divide by zero (e.g. Java precisely defines the outcome of these events; Java uses the default returns values from the IEEE 754 floating-point standard.

For example, overflow and divide by zero generate either positive or negative infinity.

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If i use R on the command line I connect to teradata just fine.

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