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php My Admin does not handle user management, rather it passes the username and password on to My SQL, which then determines whether a user is permitted to perform a particular action.Within php My Admin, administrators have full control over creating users, viewing and editing privileges for existing users, and removing users.My SQL administration is more than running queries.You must also take precautions in security your data and managing the users who have access to this data.

Once you’ve created the user (by clicking Go), you can define that user’s permissions on a specific database (don’t grant global privileges in that case).In general, users do not need any global privileges (other than USAGE), only permissions for their specific database. If you are creating a user specifically for a given table you will have to create the user first (with no global privileges) and then go back and edit that user to add the table and privileges for the individual table.Warning This feature only limits what a user sees, he is still able to use all the functions.The mysql module installs, configures, and manages the My SQL service. This module manages both the installation and configuration of My SQL, as well as extending Puppet to allow management of My SQL resources, such as databases, users, and grants.

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