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What's happening right now is that we're at a point where the car odometer might reset back to all zeroes.Are all these still being used by the present-day Maya population? The 260-day ritual calendar has always been used, and today, Maya priests still use it in highland Guatemala. Some people are worried it will, based on an ancient Mayan calendar that comes to an end on that date.Eugen Tomiuc talked to leading Maya scholar and anthropologist Geoffrey Braswell, from the University of California in San Diego, about the Mesoamerican civilization's time-counting science.Jack employs a woman off the street to work at Blush, but the staff think it's just because Jack wants to seduce her.Meanwhile, Finch tries to get an upset female co-worker to take comfort in his arms.Why worry about making the right choices when Belize R Us can do all the heavy lifting while you sit back and relax.You may request a quote from Belize R Us by calling or emailing us right now.

The size of some of the building stones found created a local legend that the area had been home to giants.

So they counted the days since creation almost as though your car counts the days or the miles of the kilometers.

And just as the old-fashioned odometers had wheels that turned, so did the wheels in the Mayan calendar.

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