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Some remove just a few locks; others call for baby's hair to be completely shaved.

Both seem to be acceptable for the cukur jambul (also known in northern Malaysia as berendoi).

It was common to find local community news making the headlines.

The paper also had featured a “Page 3 Girl” and was not taken too seriously as it had the image of a tabloid with the printing of many unsubstantiated news articles.

In some families, a cukur jambul is very much an occasion for the extended family to come together, renew bonds and welcome the new baby into the clan.

"It is a time for us to share our joy with friends and relatives," explains Sharliza Salleh, who remembers the cukur jambul ceremonies for her son Afiq and daughter Alya, with great fondness.

As with other aspects of polygamy, what is prescribed is not necessarily what is practiced, and hence the perspectives and experiences of first and subsequent wives can differ substantially with regard to sex.The sexual relationship between husband and wife is one of the most contentious aspects of life in Malay Muslim polygamous unions.It can cause great strife and misery among co-wives.Modern research support the role played by the village midwife (bidan kampung) in the postnatal period and confirm the benefits of some postnatal practices, including massage and avoiding excessive physical activity.Anthropologists explain that Malay postnatal practices are based on centuries-old understanding of four "elements": Today, many urban new mothers in the Malay community find themselves unable to fully observe the practices of the traditional confinement, mainly because they lack the family and community support that made pantang possible.

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