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By Molly Igoe News Editor What exactly is hooking up? Kathleen Bogle, a sociology and criminology professor at La Salle University in Philadelphia, set out to explain the often confusing phenomenon in her talk on Oct. The talk centered around her book, “Hooking Up: Sex, Dating, and Relationships on Campus.” Dr.Erin Anderson, associate professor of sociology at Washington College, introduced the talk with a personal anecdote.Ramble If you thought dating was dead a while ago, you spoke too soon.Despite the death rattle, some pockets of dating had survived, just. He generously planned a nice trip to Napa and included an i Pad so that I could bring my blog baby along.But I’ll probably be on only minimally until Tuesday. I am not debating the fact that our western culture is not what it once was, but, if you are training a fighter, you better be training her to fight the good fight.She interviewed 51 college students from two different schools, who were mainly white and heterosexual, who varied by gender, grade level, major, and “type.” To record “type,” Bogle collected information about the student’s interests and social groups like athlete or drama student for example.

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After college, the thinking went, young people return to dating. This was accepted even among scholars who study marriage.

Wharton economist Betsey Stevenson, who has studied women and gender roles, recently stated the following: What’s amazing is I interviewed people that were in the young alumni category age 23 to 30 and people that hooked up all through high school and college went back to more traditional dating after.

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