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You see, Iceland is one of the most geneticially pure countries in the world.I mean, heck, how many Icelandic immigrants have you met? A country of 300,000, I decided to do some research of my own and sure enough, I found stories that supported the outrageous claims of my coworker.The privilege to duty-free import is not transferable; two or three travellers can not pool their allowances for duty-free import, import a single item duty-free that has a value above ISK 88,000..This summer Iceland is leading the way on responsible tourism with a unique online pledge for tourists.‘The Icelandic Pledge’ is an online agreement that invites travelers to sign up to be a responsible tourist when visiting the country this Summer.

Traveller may bring with them a gift; the value of each object may, however, not exceed ISK 10,000.However, it is necessary to take precaution when travelling in Iceland due to natural hazards caused by weather and nature, where conditions can change at a moments notice.Iceland was the last country to be settled in Europe, when emigrants from Scandinavia and the British Isles first came to live on the island in the ninth and tenth century.Children up to 12 years old are entitled to half the allowance as stated above.Duty-free import of food, including sweets, is limited to ISK 44,000 in value and 3 kg in weight.

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