Did michael oher dating collins

Michael Oher’s sister Collins Tuohy recently married her husband, Cannon.

In fact, I think I saw it once when I visited the city., she engaged in a lengthy promotional tour of the film.

] I know, really close families." Though Collins, 29, hasn't shared the official wedding date on social media, she's been documenting the process of prepping for her special day on Instagram.

"My sweet sweet friends came today to be with me the first time I tried my dress on!! " she captioned in a recent post, with one friend responding, "The most beautiful bride to be!!! " Cannon is just as excited about the nuptials as his soon-to-be wife. #luckyman," he commented on a photo that showed Collin's aunt's reaction to seeing her niece in the wedding gown.

Ever since then, they seem to really do well because they get good press and their website is top-notch.

They moved the company to Memphis because they found a fantastic location in an old house.

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-The character in the movie who refers to himself as Tony Hamilton is based on Tony Henderson (aka Big Tony), who in real life runs an athletic program that mentors teens in his neighborhood.

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