Dating a guy with a wandering eye

You've even tried talking to him about this disrespectful habit of his ... His gaze lingers on the backside of your server when you're out to eat together. According to him, he's only innocently looking around the room and doing nothing wrong—you're just being jealous.He stares at the woman walking down the street wearing a low cut top and when you angrily demand that he stop, he claims he can’t help it. When your partner has a wandering eye, it's upsetting. Accept it as normal: The way some women dress, who could help but notice them?

His noticing an attractive woman does not mean that he doesn’t find you attractive, and it doesn’t mean he wants to dump you to be with her.

It feels like he's neglecting you or that he'd rather look at another (presumably more attractive) woman than focus on you.

It be a big trigger if you get jealous easily and it can definitely drive a wedge between you and your partner. Is this behavior something your man just can't help, as he protests?

How can I deal with his wandering eye, his love for big boobs (he has admitted it) and my jealousy and envy, especially when we're out together and he "notices" all these "many girls who're really fine"?

Later he tried calling me hot, but I just felt like he didn't mean it, since he obviously has a wandering eye and he sees much better looking girls all the time...

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