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Alkaline’s post has since caused a social media firestorm as fans of the entertainer launched an attack on Beenie Man for starting unwarranted beef between the two.

Sarah Beeny, 42, is married to artist and business partner Graham Swift and they have four sons, but the couple, who have been together for over 20 years, have never once muttered the words 'I love you' to each other."I've never told my husband I loved him because he'd just tease me and he said them to me either," says Sarah.

Example: If your Beanie has a 1st generation hang tag, it should have a 1st generation tush tag with a 1993 date.

If your Beanie has a 2nd generation hang tag your Beanie must have a 1st generation tush tag with EITHER 1993 or 1995 on it.

"I don't like the word 'love' because it has all sorts of connotations of what Hallmark cards say you should do and I don't think love is predictable," she added."It doesn't necessarily happen on the 14th of February and it doesn't come from a card shop and have sparkly red hearts on it - it's just making somebody know that you care about them." Despite her lack of enthusiasm for the three little words most people long to hear, it seems she is pretty made up with husband Graham.Dancehall artiste Alkaline has responded to fellow entertainer, Beenie Man with a fiery Instagram post.The 'vendetta boss' a short while ago directed comments at the self-proclaimed king of the dancehall who earlier this week made comments about the 'Formula' singer, claiming that the entertainer had cut all ties with his home country and its people.While performing at the Galiday Bounce event in St Catherine recently, Beenie Man said Alkaline recently made remarks about being ‘done with dutty Jamaica.’ “Him nah do no show a Jamaica, him dun with dutty Jamaica, him nah perform fi we.Mi just want yu to know ah dat him say outta him mouth and oonu same one ah say 'whoi', mi just wan oonu know,” the entertainer said.

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